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Brexit and the UK Medical Device Industry

There has been a lot of uncertainly about how Brexit is going to affect medical device manufacturers in the UK.

Here at Advena we track the UK political news closely and feel now that unless there is significant shift in Westminster a “hard” Brexit may be almost inevitable.

This is emphasised by the UK Notified Bodies silently assuring they have an EU base so they may continue certifications.

For our non-EU clients this is no problem, we will change AR address and registrations to our Malta office but for those based in the UK there could be little alternative than to assign an EU Authorised Representative (with an EU office, such as ourselves) for label references and any applicable registrations so the CE marking may continue.

For a UK manufacturer to have to contract with an Authorised Representative consultancy in mainland Europe, with all the currency and associated language issues, may seem like a bridge too far when viewed alongside all the other regulatory changes on the horizon.

However, we at Advena thought about this possible outcome almost 2 years ago and now, with our established and manned office in Malta, we are able to offer a smooth transition without changing our administration and English language communication base in the UK.

For any EU medical device manufacturers concerned about this possible impact they should contact us now so we can offer a “pre-mandate” ready for such an eventuality at 30% off our standard AR fees for the first year. No invoice would then be raised until political necessity arises and a swift change over to the Maltese address, and any accompanying registrations can be made.

Contact our team if you want to know more and stop worrying about Brexit!

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