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Stability Studies / Preservative Efficacy / Microbiological Challenge Testing

Stability Studies

Stability testing is performed to find out whether a cosmetic product, when stored under the intended conditions, will maintain its intended physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics and retain its intended purpose and aesthetics. Due to the multitude of different cosmetic products on the market, there is no single way to describe a stability test, however this is usually broken down into three forms:

Physical & Chemical Testing: Analyses the product’s response to extreme environmental conditions including light, low and high heat, and mechanical shock.

Microbiological Testing: Analyses to ensure the cosmetic product remains microbiologically stable throughout its shelf life period.

Packaging Testing: The cosmetic product’s container must be ensured to be compatible with the product itself. In addition to this, the container/packaging must protect the product from any adverse environmental effects.

Preservative Efficacy Test (PET / Challenge Testing)

Cosmetic products contain antimicrobial preservatives to mitigate microbial growth and protect the product from any microorganisms which may have been introduced during use throughout the product’s life. European Pharmacopeia methods are usually carried out.

Tests used are designed to demonstrate how well a product can prevent microbial growth throughout its shelf life and will determine the minimum concentration of preservative required to protect the cosmetic product from spoiling. The tests simulate the contamination through inoculation containing challenge micro-organisms. The preservative’s ability to mitigate or destroy the organisms is then determined.

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