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Brexit Information - Cosmetics

Following the decision for the UK to leave the European Union – referred to as ‘Brexit’ by the media – Advena are prepared to continue providing our full range of services related to cosmetic products and continue to work through any political eventuality that Brexit may inspire. 

The Government has said that it will used the EU Withdrawal Bill such that EU law becomes UK law, however the extent of the Brexit implications on the cosmetics sector in the UK is still far from clear.

This situation introduces a few unknowns, including:

  • Which regulations will the UK be following after Brexit: the existing Cosmetics Regulation or something new?
  • How will the UK cosmetics industry compete on the EU market?
  • Will the Responsible Person be allowed to perform their obligations from the UK?

The worst-case scenario would be a ‘Hard Brexit’ in which the UK is not treated as a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). Apart from the political repercussions of such a scenario, it may become the case that UK companies acting as Responsible Person, may no longer do so, and thus companies would have to find an entity within the Union for representation. Furthermore, it may be required that a cosmetic manufacturer must eventually meet two separate regulations (UK and EU requirements), however this is very unlikely.

Advena is prepared for this. With our office in Malta already up and running for the medical device sector, we will be able to continue offering the Responsible Person service form there. This ensures our existing clients of continuity with very minimal impact on their business.

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