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Introducing the new look ACTIV – Web Based Quality Management System

This announcement was issued by the ACTIV providers, those who use this system should have now noticed the changes and the reports we have are very positive:

In October we’ll be refreshing Activ to give it a more modern look and feel. Along with the new styling, the main change you’ll notice is the improved Home screen, where we’ve simplified the way that Activ’s features are grouped and accessed into a new menu and added an action manager to help you get the most out of Activ.

The way that Activ’s existing features work is not changing and we’re confident that you will find the new menu self-explanatory and will enjoy using the new-look system.

So that you know what to expect, we’ve outlined the main changes below.

What’s new?

ACTIVHome Screen – we’ve simplified access to all parts of the system into a cleaner menu on the left of the screen and added a new feature: an at-a-glance action manager summarising actions assigned to you and your ‘To Do’ list.

My Details – manage all your personal information and Activ settings in one place, including login details and Notifications. The Notifications feature has been extended to include many more immediate alert options and we’ve also made it more configurable so you can select exactly what you do/do not wish to be alerted about.

Processes – now accessed from the menu and includes Process Reviews.

File Manager – all file storage and management features have been grouped together into one module. It houses all libraries including Records and Controlled Documents (Templates) plus File Reviews, Search and Recycle Bin.

Customers & Suppliers – all third party information is grouped together here. In addition to all your Companies information, it houses Contacts, Communications, Feedback and Supplier Assessments.

The switch was made on Monday 19th October and the system now has a more modern look and feel and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy using it. All your data will be secure and the way that Activ’s main features work is not changing. Along with the new styling, the main difference you’ll notice is the improved Home screen, where we’ve simplified the way that Activ’s features are grouped and accessed into a new menu and added an action manager to help you get even more out of Activ.

Contact Jacqueline Spittle ( to answer any questions.

Advena Ltd formally acquires the established UK based consultancy Medical Device & QA Services Ltd

MDQAS LogoWe are pleased to announce that as from 1st July 2015 we have acquired our associated consultancy company MEDICAL DEVICE & QA SERVICES LIMITED by one hundred percent stock purchase.

After many years of working closely with Advena Ltd our great friend Bernard Tremaine is now retiring due to ill health and Advena Ltd will now become the guardian of his consultancy company and hopefully serve their clients in the same exemplary way that Bernard has done so over the last twenty years.

It is important to understand that MDQAS remains unchanged as a UK registered company in location, telephone number and web-site ( ) and the principle alteration is that the company management is now shared with Advena Ltd.

As such the high level of service provided by MDQAS will be continued via the Advena team who have signed legal confidentiality agreements with MDQAS.

We have further assured continuity for MDQAS clients in that all European Authorised Representative (AR) contracts (mandates) and fees remain unchanged as well as the MDQAS contact address legally required on product packaging and labelling or on any associated Notified Body EU certificate.

The only substantial change is that communications in future will be via John Adcock ( or a member of his team ( as the new owners of MDQAS.

Also, after 1st July 2015, new invoices for the annual renewal of MDQAS contracts will be issued by the Advena Ltd accounts department and will clearly state that although the sums invoiced relate to existing client contracts with MDQAS they are to be paid to Advena Ltd.

The whole team here at Advena wish Bernard well for his recovery and on into retirement.

Please see our MDQAS FAQ page for further details >

New Staff Member at our Warwick Office

AnthonyFrom the 1st July we welcome Anthony Kirby to our team as Business Manager. (

Anthony joins us with several years’ experience in the medical device industry, the prime responsibilities for this new position will be to act as our contract and administration manager to service all our Authorised Representative, Responsible Person(Cosmetic Directive), ACTIV Quality Management Systems, and those other clients where we act as the Competent Person.

From now on all our contracted clients may expect Anthony to be the prime contract for business administration issues.

Technical questions will still be handled, as before, by other team members.

Advena joins the SGS Consultants Connect Scheme


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been granted membership of the SGS Consultants Connect Scheme. This aims to create a community of like- minded consultants who will be able to gain a variety of benefits through their ongoing relationships with SGS United Kingdom Ltd.

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